More About Me

Paige Dumler has worked her 15 year career, here in Seattle, dedicated to excellent customer service. She values deeply the importance of honesty, loyalty and respect as the cornerstones to any successful relationship. Paige’s previous career as the leading Personal Trainer/ Fitness Coach at one of Seattle’s most highly regarded Athletic Clubs, speaks to her attention to detail and her ability to achieve varied and specific client goals.  Her degree in Industrial Design, explains her natural eye for possibilities and the ability to see potential for what property and spaces could be.

The combination of her passion for design with her desire to help others achieve their dreams is what makes Real Estate the career she thrives in. The belief that every relationship we build has the power to affect our local community and in turn strengthen society shows in her character. Paige has a genuine passion for doing what is right and tirelessly holds those around her to the same standard. Her self-built business, based entirely on long term client retention and referral, are direct testimony to her sincerity and hard-working nature. She is honored to help those in her community navigate the complex arena that is purchase and sale of real estate. It is what dreams are made of, it’s real and can be emotional. Paige handles, what is most peoples largest investment, with care, insight and expertise.